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Report a Security Incident

Want to report a security incident? Or are you curious about what a security incident actually is? As an employee or student at AAU, you must report security incidents as soon as you experience them.

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Report a Security Incident

What is a security incident?

A security incident is any type of data breach that may pose a risk to the information, including personal data, handled at AAU. In short, it is a breach of security, whether it involves information, personal data, confidentiality or anything else.

For example, a security incident has occurred if you:

  • Lose any of your IT equipment
  • Find or lose documents with content that may be confidential or contain personal data
  • Accidentally send an email with confidential content or personal data to the wrong person
  • Discover a virus on your computer
  • Click on content in a phishing email

It is important that you submit a security incident report as soon as you discover the incident. You can report a security incident here.

What should I be wary of?