the organisation behind information security on AAU

Here you can read more about organisation, roles and responsibilities in relation to information security at AAU.


The ISU was established by the executive board at Aalborg University with the aim of safeguarding Aalborg University’s overall interests in information security. Information security refers to the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data assets at AAU.

 The committee aims to ensure:

  • That information security at Aalborg University is at an appropriate level and meets regulatory requirements for information security 
  • That the information security policy and its corresponding rules are updated and shared, and that the rules are implemented in practice 
  • That planned and sudden tasks related to information security are resolved satisfactorily.

AUB serves as the ISU’s secretariat.

Members and mission of ISU


The CISO is responsible for planning, controlling, informing and advising within the field of information security at AAU in collaboration with the Information Security Committee.

System Owners

For each business-critical IT system, a system owner responsible for operations has been designated and tasked with ensuring information security when using the system.

System managers

System managers support the system owners’ tasks but with a more ‘hands-on’ approach. If, as a system manager, you find potential security challenges, vulnerabilities and/or discrepancies, please contact the system owner or

Key Employees

Each department has a selected key employee who supports the department management in keeping the department updated and aware of security, including personal data protection.

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