IT Security - Coronavirus


Pay attention to false emails and sms (phishing). They will flourish as a part of the corona news. Phishing emails and sms will be related to work at AAU, but frequently ask you to give names, passwords, change numbers, forward money and other more or less confidential information. Even when you receive an 'urgent' message - take your time to estimate the credibility of the content, the sender etc and do not hesiteate to contact Support (email) or call at 9940 2020.

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Use work tools and communication tools provided and supported by AAU. Remember – security policies must also be applied when working at home.

Updates when working at home

Updates to AAU computers (Windows pc) will take place as VPN is applied.

Updates to Mac will take place when the computer is online, even without VPN.

All VIP and TAP must if any way possible use VPN as part of logon to AAU systems.

Students are encouraged to logon without VPN. However, there might be certain cases where it is necessary. 

For further information - look at support or call 9940 2020

Protect your computer when working at home

Remember to protect the physical access to the computer, when working at home. There might be other equipment such as cameras, printers, private computers, which must be kept updated as part of the security. Web access such as wifi, routers installed by yourself, you are responsible for. Equipment installed by the web-provider are under the responsible of the web-provider.

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