awareness campaigns on information security

campaign 2019-2020

June-August 2019

Avoid public Wi-Fi

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks at co­ee shops, hotels, airports, etc. Always use VPN to protect your data.


November 2019

Beware of passwords

Avoid reusing your passwords. Do not share your passwords with others. Choose a strong password for AAU access control.

September 2019

Don't get caught

A phishing email will try to trick you into revealing personal information such as passwords. Never click on links in emails you don’t find trustworthy.

December 2019

Merry christmas

But watch out for burning candles. They are nice and cozy but pose a fire hazard. Use batterypowered candles instead.

October 2019


Did you accidentally send an email with sensitive information to the wrong recipient? Have you discovered sensitive information on an AAU website? 

January-March 2020

Lock your computer

If you leave your workstation, remember to lock your computer so others do not gain access to the information you have access to. Pc: windows + L / Mac: Ctrl + Cmd + Q